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The Crochet Mane

Reggae Twists 18"

Reggae Twists 18"

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Long Story, Short?

Reggae is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s. And if you know anything about reggae music, It's a hybrid of other music genres. The Crochet Mane Reggae Twists are just that, a hybrid of rope twists and goddess locs that give you that boho look with a beachy feel.

Beautifully crafted from synthetic water wave hair, this crochet design is separated into individual twists that can be installed much more quickly than the traditional passion twist style (cutting the time down from 8 hours to 3!).

The Crochet Mane Reggae Twists are perfect for those who are looking for a new hairstyle with a Jamaican vibe!


✓ Our take on the popular Passion Twists style

✓ Handmade from synthetic water wave hair

✓ Long-lasting and super soft⁣ 

✓ Pre-Looped

✓ Natural-Looking

✓ Tangle-Free

✓ 20 strands per pack

What's Included

✓ One bundle of The Crochet Mane Reggae Twists

✓ Satin Bag for storage

✓ Thank You Card

✓ Care Card (with instructions for before, during and after installation)

✓ FREE Crochet Needle


Q: Can these be installed individually?

A: Yes, they can be installed using the individual installation method.

Q: How many do I need for a full head?

A: Six packs. Save $$$ with our Bundle Deal. Enough for a full hairstyle, and there's even leftover for touch-ups.

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