Launched in 2019, I created The Crochet Mane to provide affordable crochet hair extensions that are quick and easy to install.

I have been wearing crochet braids since 2016, and I would always get stopped and asked where I get my hair from and how I install it. So I started The Crochet Mane to provide a community for ladies who wear crochet braids to find quality, affordable extensions and a space where they can get the most out of their crochet installation. I also wanted to eliminate the myths around crochet braids and show everyone that it’s the perfect, low-maintenance protective hairstyle for naturalistas!

Having natural hair and being an avid user of crochet braids, I understand the importance of receiving quality hair and know exactly what to look for. You are in good hands with the Crochet Mane!

With Crochet, YOU Control Your Slay!