Loc’d up and ready to go with our ANANSI LOCS!

Growing up in Jamaica, there were many creative stories told to us as children by our elders. Anansi, the Jamaican 'spider-man' was a popular one. Originating in West Africa, Anansi was a half-spider, half-man who was a likable rascal and his adventures were used to teach children how to behave.

Over time, these stories are not being told as frequently as they should, and here at The Crochet Mane, we want to keep that history alive. We named these locs after this famed folklore character as spider's legs are notoriously skinny as our Anansi Locs.

When you think of The Crochet Mane Anansi Locs, they can only be described as Sister Locs with a little thickness to them. This style is an alternative to the standard faux locs. It's easy to install, natural-looking, tangle-free, and lasts up to 8 weeks.

That's not all; The Crochet Mane Anansi Locs are versatile as they can be installed using a crochet braid pattern, wrapped to individual plaits using The Crochet Mane Spring Twists or used to create a ponytail.

If you are looking for locs that can be grown overnight, then you are in the right place. Like the character it was named after, you can 'trick' the crowd into thinking you got loc'd up with The Crochet Mane Anansi Locs.

This Could Be You 😉