The Secret to Choosing Your Crochet Braid Pattern

The Secret to Choosing Your Crochet Braid Pattern

Your crochet hairstyles aren't lasting because you chose the wrong braid pattern!

The most important part of a crochet installation is the FOUNDATION!

We've found that when choosing a crochet braid pattern, there are three MAIN considerations:

  • The Style,
  • Your Edges, and
  • The Part or Leave Out

The Style

Each crochet style requires a different pattern. Simply braiding your hair back is still the best way to go. However, thanks to hairstylists and YouTubers, we have options based on the style. Let's take our Locs Collection, for example.

All our Locs can be installed using the Individual Installation Method.

This method involves braiding your hair into individual plaits and then pulling your plaits through the faux locs.  It might sound confusing, but we have a video that we use when installing our extensions.


You can use this Individual Method for a perimeter (see picture above) or the entire head (see the video above).

For our Twists and Braids collection, the Illusion Braid Pattern is the perfect method.

This method is harder to explain in words, but no worries, we have a video!

Your Edges

When choosing a braid pattern, choose one that your edges can handle; if you have thinning edges, avoid patterns that will put a lot of strain on your hairline.

The Part

You can vary your pattern if you want to leave out your hair; that's best for crochet curls. As mentioned above, you can also do an individual perimeter if you want that individual look. For the cornrow method, your pattern can be varied if you want a middle part or a side part.

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