Four Crochet Braids Myths BUSTED!

Four Crochet Braids Myths BUSTED!

There are a lot of negative comments surrounding crochet braids. Most arise from the lack of understanding of the installation process and what is considered a crochet hairstyle. 

Crochet hair extensions are any style that can be installed using a crochet needle. Most extensions come with a loop that assists with this installation. However, a select few come without, but you can use the needle to create an ad hoc loop to install the hair.

As a seasoned wearer of crochet braids, I've heard all the supposed cons of crochet braids. So let's separate fact from fiction.

Myth: Crochet braids damage your edges

Fact: Crochet braids, in general, do not damage your edges. What causes the damage, if any, is the braid pattern.

Choosing a braid pattern that puts a lot of strain on your hairline WILL tear your edges to pieces, which is why selecting the correct braid pattern is important. We already posted a blog about that here.

You want to avoid cornrows or small braids near your edges for thicker, heavier crochet hair extensions. Braid patterns with individuals would be suitable for those kinds of extensions. Another tip is to avoid patterns that will put a lot of strain on your hairline if you have thinning edges.

Myth: Crochet braids are painful

Fact: No! You know what's causing the pain, your braid pattern!⁣⁣ Yes, it all goes back to the braid pattern. If your cornrows or braids are too tight, there's no space to loop the crochet braids, and now you're walking around with a painful crochet style. You should always do the braid pattern with the extension's thickness in mind to ensure adequate space is left. You don't want your loop moving around, but you still want it to have some wiggle space.

Myth: Crochet braids damage your hair

Fact: As with any other protective style, if left past its expiration date of EIGHT weeks, they will cause breakage to your hair that you won't be aware of until the takedown. At some point, the style is not protecting your hair; it's damaging it. While two months might seem like a short time, think about it the same way you would, say, wash your hair. You wouldn't wait two months to wash your hair because it would be wayyy too dirty by then. That's the same with crochet brads; after two months, who knows what is happening under there? You need to take it down and check. The good thing is that The Crochet Mane extensions are reusable. ;)

Myth: Crochet braids are hard to maintain

Fact: Crochet braids require the least maintenance of all the protective styles. It's a three-step process, moisturizing your scalp, detangling the extensions as needed and wearing a bonnet or satin scarf to bed to keep hair from drying out, getting matted, or frizzing up. You can also wash it if you wish. But this maintenance process is no different from the ones you would do for other protective styles.

Crochet braids are inexpensive and quick protective hairstyles. However, that does not mean that it doesn't require the same attention and consideration as the other protective styles. The most important consideration is the braid pattern because what's a house without a proper foundation.

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