How to Install Crochet Braids

How to Install Crochet Braids

This is how I install crochet braids in the simplest way possible, let’s go!


  1. Close the latch on the crochet needle
  2. Insert the needle into the section of your hair where you want to place the strand
  3. Once inserted, you then open the latch and place the opening of the hair, that’s the pre-looped section, on the hook of the needle and close the latch
  4. Then you gently pull the needle, while holding on to the latch to secure the hair through your hair
  5. You then used your finger to widen the opening of the crochet braid to pull the other part of the braid through creating a knot to secure the braid to your hair and bam you’ve installed your first crochet braid
  6. You want to continue this until the style is complete

When creating the knot, try not to pull it too hard because crochet braids are a protective style to reduce the tension on your scalp, and pulling a tight knot is going against that.

The more you do this, the easier it becomes.


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