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The Crochet Mane

Anansi Locs 18"

Anansi Locs 18"

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Long Story, Short?

Have you ever wanted to try loc-ing your hair, but you don't have the patience? OR Don't have time to wait months for your locs to grow? Step into your loc era with The Crochet Mane Anansi Locs. Perfectly formulated with pre-loops for the 'lazy' naturalista. No longer will you have to wait six months for your hair to lock; get your dreads in a day! The best part is it's reusable.


✓ Twist on the popular Sister Locs style (mixed with a little thickness)

✓ Made from synthetic fiber

✓ Long-lasting and super soft⁣ 

✓ Pre-Looped

✓ Natural-Looking

✓ Tangle-Free

✓ 20 strands per pack

What's Included

✓ One bundle of The Crochet Mane Anansi Locs

✓ Satin Bag for storage

✓ Thank You Card

✓ Care Card (with instructions for before, during and after installation)

✓ FREE Crochet Needle


Q: Can these be installed individually?

A: Yes, they can be wrapped with our Coil Twists. Tutorial here.

Q: How many do I need for a full head?

A: Six packs. Save $$$ with our Bundle Deal. Enough for a full hairstyle, and there's even leftover for touch-ups.

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